March 2014 - Advanced RTU Control Strategies

Post date: Mar 18, 2014 1:39:18 AM

Dinner Meeting

Dinner Meeting - March 27

Cost: $20 (includes dinner and drinks)

Check-in: 5:30 pm - 6:00 CDT

Dinner/Program: 6:00 - 8:00 pm CDT

Zuni's House of Pizza

2907 W 45th Ave

Highland, IN 46322

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Packaged rooftop units (RTUs) are used to easily and effectively heat and cool more than 50% of all commercial buildings, but are they efficient? The cooling efficiency improvements in the refrigeration circuits have improved slightly in the past 10 years and the average gas efficiency has improved from 80% to just 82%. What else can we do to make a simple RTU use significantly less energy to heat and cool our structures? A recent 2013 Department of Energy study explored this exact question and the solution is summarized by the term Advanced Rooftop Control or ARC. This course will explore that research and several options for existing (or new) RTUs to save 24 to 35% of the fan, cooling, and heating energy combined.

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Know the RTU related requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)

  2. Select the appropriate RTU accessories to maximize performance and efficiency

  3. Be able to describe technologies such as economizers, demand controlled ventilation, and energy recovery ventilation

  4. Learn about the newest energy savings RTU option of multi-speed fan control

  5. Join the Advanced RTU Campaign to continue the education process and begin project implementation


    1. AHRI Efficiency Ratings

    2. Define Advanced Rooftop Control Strategies

    3. Economizers

    4. Demand Controlled Ventilation

    5. Multi-speed Fan Control

    6. Energy Recovery Ventilation

    7. Compressor Capacity Control Strategies

Ryan R. Hoger, LEED AP, has been with Temperature Equipment Corp. since 1997. He was the 2007-08 president of the Illinois ASHRAE Chapter and is actively involved with several ASHRAE and gas/electric utility committees. He has extensive experience with RTU controls, building automation systems (BAS), energy recovery ventilators (ERV), variable refrigerant flow (VRF), demand controlled ventilation (DCV), and other energy conserving HVAC systems. Ryan has written several HVAC articles for various publications and has a Bachelor of Science degree in General Engineering from the University of Illinois.

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